Coatings for can and metal packaging

Lacquer Phenoleks – 050


TU U 24.3-24514086-012-2004

Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise of January 26, 2011 №05.03.02-04/5289

The lacquer is used to cover the inner and outer surfaces of tare containers made of electrolytic and hot tin plating, black tin and other containers in contact with food. The consumption per 1 layer on a dry residue is 5-12 g/m2.

After polymerization at t = 130°C -160°C for 12 to 20 minutes, it forms a homogeneous film from a colorless to light brown color.

Used in conjunction with a thinner R-30.


Specifications of lacquer Phenoleks - 050
  1. Appearance of lacquer. Homogeneous transparent liquid from dark yellow to red-brown color, slight opalescence is allowed.
  2. Appearance of the film. After drying, the lacquer forms a homogeneous glossy film from colorless to light golden brown, without foreign mechanical inclusions.
  3. Conditional viscosity. According to the viscometer VZ-246 with nozzle diameter (4,000 + 0,015) mm, at a temperature of (20,0 + 0,5oC): within the range of 60 -140 sec.
  4. Mass fraction of non-volatile substances: 27 - 38%.
  5. The strength of the film during stamping: without disturbing the continuous coating.
  6. Adhesion of the film, points, not more: 1.
  7. There is no porosity.


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