Coatings for can and metal packaging

Lacquer EP-5118


TU U 6.24514086-005-2000

Hygienic conclusion of the state sanitary and hygienic examination for domestic products of February 03, 2000 №5.08.07/327

Lacquer EP-5118 is designed to cover aluminum used in the production of aluminum tubes for toothpastes, creams, gels and other cosmetic products.

After polymerization at t = 210 ℃ for 15 minutes, at t = 300 ℃ for 30 seconds, the lacquer forms a glossy golden coating, resistant to boiling and sterilization in corrosive media (salts, acids, etc.).

Apply roller or spray. Consumption for dry residue - 3-4 g/m2.


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