Coatings for can and metal packaging



TU U 24.3-24514086-015:2006 

There is a conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise..

The enamel is a suspension of rutile titanium dioxide, excipients in a mixture of an epoxy-phenol composition.

Enamel white EMALEKS - M is recommended as a primer - enamel for lacquering tin before lithography.

EMALEKS-M is used for external application of electrolytic or hot tinning, chrome tin, black tin before lithography as a basis for tin plate. Covered externally with enamel EMALEKS - M tin can be used in the production of both food containers and metal containers for paintwork materials, lubricants, etc.

Recommended coating - 10-12 g/m2 on a dry residue.
The drying temperature is 170-175 °C.
The drying time is 10-12 minutes.
Coating with lacquer is required.


Specifications of enamel EMALEKS–М
  1. External appearance of enamel. Homogeneous white mass without foreign mechanical impurities.
  2. External view of the enamel film. After drying, the enamel should form a smooth, even surface of white color.
  3. Conventional viscosity according to the viscometer VZ-246 with nozzle diameter (4,000 ± 0,015) mm at temperature (20,0 + 0,5) ˚С: within 100-150 sec.
  4. Adhesion of the film, scores, not more than 1.
  5. Mass fraction of non-volatile substances: 52-58%.
  6. Degree of grinding the enamel according to the device "Klin" (grindometer), mcm: not more than 10.
  7. Drying time to grade 3 at 170-180 °C: not more than 12-15 minutes.
  8. Film strength at impact, kg • cm: not less than 50.
  9. Film strength at stamping. After stamping, the film on the inner and outer sides must remain solid.
  10. Porosity - the coating should not have craters and pores.


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