Coatings for can and metal packaging



TU U 24.3-24514086-015:2006

There is a conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise..

The enamel is a suspension of rutile titanium dioxide, excipients in a mixture of an epoxy-phenol composition.

Enamel white EMALEKS - F is recommended for the inner coating of canning containers.

EMALEKS-F is used as a protective inner coating for cans that come into contact with food.

Recommended coating - 12-14 g/m2 on a dry residue.
The drying temperature is 170-175 °C.
The drying time is 10-12 minutes.


Specifications of EMALEKS-F
  1. Appearance of enamel. Homogeneous white mass without foreign mechanical impurities.
  2. Appearance of the enamel film. After drying, the enamel should form a smooth, even surface from white to cream colored.
  3. Conventional viscosity according to the viscometer VZ-246 with nozzle diameter (4,000 ± 0,015) mm at temperature (20,0 + 0,5) оС: within 100-150 sec.
  4. Adhesion of the film, scores, not more than 1.
  5. Mass fraction of non-volatile substances: 52-58%.
  6. Degree of grinding the enamel according to the device "Klin" (grindometer), mcm: not more than 10.
  7. Drying time to grade 3 at 170-1800oC: not more than 12-15 minutes.
  8. Film strength at impact, kg • cm: not less than 50.
  9. Film strength at stamping. After stamping, the film on the inner and outer sides must remain solid.
  10. Film resistance to sterilization at temperature (120 ± 2) °С, h, not less than:
        In distilled water - 1;
        In a 2% solution of the wine cognac - 1;
        In the protein fluid - 1;
        In the p-re (2% sodium chloride + 0.5% acetic acid) only for chrome-plated tin - 1.
  11. Mass fraction of chemical in-tv in the p-re, containing 0.5% of the acetic acid and 2% of sodium chloride after sterilization of the enamel film and holding in the model medium for 24 hours at the temperature of (40 ± 2 ) ° С, mg/dm3, not more than:
        Formaldehyde - 0.1;
        Phenol - 0.05;
        Diphenylolpropane 0.01;
        Epichlorohydrin - 0,1 (0,01-for baby food);
        Lead salts - absence.
  12. The resistance of the enamel film to the action of the model medium after sterilization and soaking in a thermostat at a temperature of (40 ± 2) °C: 10 days.
  13. Porosity - the coating should not have craters and pores.


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