Glass mats

Glass mats

The company "Khimlex" offers for sale the glass mats of different density.

Glass-mat - is a non-woven product made using chopped fiberglass, chaotically intertwined, fastened together by a silane (special emulsion), soluble in unsaturated polyester resin. This product is characterized by a good impregnability of the resin, easy to use.

Glass mat is used for the manufacture of various products, structural and electrical insulating items for electrical purposes, types of large-sized products used in engineering and other industries.

The proposed glass mats are used for manual molding of fiberglass, for the production of fiberglass using closed-molding technology and products made from it.

Emulsion glass mat is made from chopped fiberglass yarns containing a low percentage of alkali. The density of the glass mat is 300, 450, 600 g/m2 and others.

The improved characteristics of the proposed glass mat were confirmed during the tests and showed the best results among similar materials when used by "Khimlex" in its own production of fiberglass.


Also the company "Khimlex" offers to your attention epoxy and polyester resins..


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