Phenol-formaldehyde resins



TU U 205P 02969171.011-94

The conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise No. 05.03.02-04/64466 of October 07, 2008

Appearance. Transparent liquid from light brown to dark cherry color.

Phenol-alcohols are used as binders for the production of heat-insulating slabs, glass and slag wool and other purposes.


Specifications of phenol-alcohols

Solubility in distilled water at +20ºС for shipment at least - during the warranty period

The solution should be clear when the phenol alcohol is diluted 1:10 1: 3

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, %, (dry residue)


Mass fraction of free phenol, %, not more than


Mass fraction of alkali, %, not more than


Mass fraction of free formaldehyde, %, not more than


Safety precautions

The liquid is toxic, hardly inflammable. When working indoors, ventilation, protection of the skin, respiratory tract, eyes are required.

Storage conditions

Shall be stored in a closed, ventilated place in a closed container at a temperature from +5ºС to +20ºС. The phenol-alcohols that enter the plant must be drained into a container carefully cleaned from the remains of the previous batch of phenol-alcohols or other products.

Warranty period of storage

2 months from the date of manufacture in a sealed container at a temperature from +5ºС to +20ºС subject to storage conditions. When the phenol-alcohols are frozen and subsequently thawed, the properties of the product are preserved if the temperature of the coolant under forced heating is not higher than +60ºС, and the temperature in the mass of the phenol-alcohols is not higher than +20ºC


Filling in the packaging of the consumer. Barrels of 200 liters.


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