Phenol-formaldehyde resins

Liquid bakelite of BZH-3


GOST 4559-78

The conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise No. 05.03.02-04/100615 of December 17, 2010

Appearance. Viscous liquid within a batch of the same color, not containing suspended particles.

Liquid bakelite of BZH-3 brand is used as a binder in the production of plastics, abrasive products of cold pressing and for other technical purposes.


Specifications of liquid bakelite of BZH-3 brand

Conventional viscosity, sec


Gelation time, sec


Mass fraction of free phenol, %


Mass fraction of water, %, not more than


Polycondensation losses, %

Not more than 30

Alkalinity, %

Not more than 0,3


Safety precautions

When working with liquid bakelite in the premises a ventilation, protection of the skin, respiratory organs, eyes are required.

Transportation and storage

Shall be transported in covered vehicles or covered with tarpaulin at a temperature of not more than +20ºС. Liquid bakelite is stored in tightly closed containers at a temperature of no higher than +20ºС   in closed storage rooms without compromising the integrity of the package.

Warranty period of storage

1.5 months from the date of manufacture at a temperature not exceeding + 20°C in a tightly closed container. The shelf life of liquid bakelite can be increased with a decrease in storage and transport temperatures.


Filling in the packaging of the consumer. Barrels of 200 liters.


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