Powder coatings

Powder coating remover


Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise No. 05.03.02-04/57323 of November 15, 2007

Powder coating remover “Remover” is a high-performance, high-speed product, reusable, which is specially used to remove powder coatings (epoxy, epoxy polyester and polyester) from aluminum and steel surfaces. Powder coating remover is the product immediately ready for use without additional preparation.

Powder coating remover provides complete removal of the powder coating depending on the type of coating, the thickness of the layer and the temperature of the solution:


Coating type

The time for removal of the powder coating at a wash temperature of 20-30°C

The time for removal the powder coating at a wash temperature of 30-40°C

* The time for removal the powder coating at a wash temperature of 40-60°C

Epoxy, epoxy-polyester

20 – 40 minutes

10 – 20 minutes

7– 10 minutes


1,5 –24 hours

1 – 3 hours

During 1 hour


* temperature regime may be used only with ventilation.


How to use the powder coating remover:

The bath is filled 1-2 cm above the top of the product to be treated, in order to avoid the reaction with carbon dioxide that is contained in the air, as this negatively affects the stability of the bath. The bath must be steel, preferably of stainless steel. Do not use a bath of zinc, galvanized steel and aluminum. Products for treatment must be lowered into the bath dry. With the help of periodic bubbling (blowing air through the liquid), the process of removing the coating can be accelerated. After the coating is separated from the surface of the product, it is taken out of the bath and left to drain the residual liquid (pay attention to the parts that have cavities and indentations). If necessary, the remaining coating residues can be removed by increasing the temperature or the time of the process. After elimination of the residual liquid, the products are washed with water. Water after washing should be neutralized in the wastewater treatment plant. It is necessary to avoid getting water in the bath with a solution to remove the powder coating, because in this case the solution comes into disrepair. To replenish the volume of the bath, it is necessary to add a fresh solution as an activator. Replenishment of the bath is performed only after the removal of slime. Waste paint can be removed from the bath with a filter system, separators or membrane filter press. This continues the life of the solution.


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