Powder coatings

Polyester powder coatings INVERPUL without TGIC (Triglycidylisocyanurate) series "Architecture"


Powder coatings INVERPUL without TGIC on the basis of polyester resins with special additives, giving special resistance to the action of ultraviolet rays and atmospheric precipitation form a decorative film with increased resistance to weathering. These coatings have been developed to cover aluminum structures used in architecture and for coating of galvanized steel. Polyester powder coatings without TGIC series "Architecture" made by the company INVER fully correspond to the 1st class of the 2nd and 3rd category of the international standard QUALICOAT. (Qualicoat - the international standard applied to architectural coatings). Can be applied both by electrostatic spraying with negative voltage (60-80 kV), and by tribostatic method in automatic or manual mode.

For coating are recommended any architectural products: facades, metal, aluminum construction profile, etc.


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