Powder coatings

Polyester powder coatings INVERPUL without TGIC


A feature of polyester powder coatings INVERPUL is the absence of TGIC (triglycidylisocyanurate) - hardener for powder paints, banned in the EU, which is most often used in the production of polyester coatings.

Thermally cured powder coatings based on polyester resins when cured, form a strong film with excellent physical and mechanical properties, high resistance to detergent compositions, lubricants and various types of fuel. Designed specifically for painting and protective coating of products used outdoors and exposed to atmospheric factors: facade slabs, windows and doors frames, agricultural machines and other installations and structures permanently located in the open air. They can be applied both by electrostatic spraying with negative voltage (60-80kV), and by tribostatic method in automatic or manual mode.

Recommended for coating products that are used outdoors in the open air: aluminum profile, metal tiles, billboards, wheel disks, air conditioners, transformers, metal fences, agricultural machines and units, equipment (machine building, commercial, etc.)..

The company "Khimlex" also offers you the polyester powder coatings INVERPUL without TGIC of increased strength and the series «Architecture».


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