Powder coatings

Epoxy-polyester powder coatings INVERPUL


Thermally cured powder coatings on the basis of epoxy and polyester resins of INVERPUL when cured form a solid film with excellent physical and mechanical properties, high resistance to detergent compositions, lubricants and various types of fuel. These coatings are specially designed for painting and decorative coating of objects used indoors. They can be applied both by electrostatic spraying with negative voltage (60-80kV), and by tribostatic method in automatic or manual mode.

Recommended product for coating: any metal furniture, office and commercial equipment, household appliances, refrigerators, microwave ovens, toasters, extractors, gas stoves, water heaters, fan heaters, electrical cabinets, construction and metal structures, electrical appliances, fire extinguishers, auto parts and much more.

Also, the company "Khimlex" offers you the epoxy-polyester powder сoatings INVERPUL with the effect of "antistatic". These are powder coatings based on epoxy and polyester resins with special additives providing antistatic effect.

Due to its special composition, this product is particularly suitable for coating products where antistatic properties are required: computers and accessories, electronic devices, etc.


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