Powder coatings

Epoxy anticorrosive primer INVERPUL


Epoxy anticorrosive primer INVERPUL is a thermosetting powder coating based on epoxy resin with a special hardener containing anticorrosive pigments. It is used for corrosion protection of metal surfaces.

The primer forms a uniform, strong film with good resistance to chemical and mechanical attack, detergents, fuel and oil materials. Based on pigments without lead and chromium. 

It is applied similarly to primers (thickness of 50-70 microns) for surfaces treated with sandblasting apparatus before subsequent coating with polyester or epoxy-polyester powder or liquid coatings.

Before coating with the primer, the coated surface shall be cleaned of oils, greases and rust. This powdered primer cannot be used as the final single coating.

Recommended products for coating: any product requiring anticorrosive protection before applying of decorative coating.


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