Powder coatings

About powder coatings


Powder coatings – is finally divided polymeric dry powder basis on:

            - polymer resin

            - polymerization

            - colors

            - modifying agents.


Khimlex company offers you:

- Epoxy powder coatings;

- polyester powder coatings;

- polyester-urethane powder coatings;

- epoxy-polyester powder coatings.

Epoxy powder coatings. Generally used as electrical insulation and as corrosion protection. Epoxy powder coatings are similar to electric insulation such as taping, painting with liquid inks. They have become important in electrical engineering due to their valuable characteristics, simplicity and low cost.

Polyester-urethane system It is hydrous polyesters and blocked polyisocyanate. Polyester-urethane coatings consists of good chemical properties: resistance to chemical agents, hardness, resistance to climatic conditions.

Polyester-urethane coatings are used for protection of playgrounds, air conditioner, electrical equipment, some car’s components, metal furniture.

Polyester powder coatings. Carboxy containing polyester is used for producing of polyester powder coatings. This type of coatings covers difficult surfaces without dropping off. After such coatings, surfaces look like «orange peel». Such coatings is light-resistant and weather-resistant.

Polyester powder coatings is meant to be used as protection for wheel disks, air-conditioners, electric transformers, metallic enclosures.

Epoxy-polyester powder coatings more resistant to afteryellowing due to overheat than epoxy powder coatings. It is not recommended to use such coating under the sun light despite of really little color changes of this coatings. Epoxy-polyester powder coatings are flexible, hard, shockproof. This type of coatings are used in the same way as epoxy powder coatings. Shelves, hot water tanks, metallic furniture, power tools, fire control units, oil filter are painted with epoxy-polyester powder coatings.


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