Epoxy and polyester resins

Epoxy resins


The company "Khimlex" offers for realization the epoxy resins (analogue of epoxy resin of ED-20 brand produced in Russia). Analogues of this resin from world producers exceed it in terms of the content of epichlorohydrin, chloride ions and the price-quality ratio.

Epoxy resins are widely used for the manufacture of adhesives, varnishes, cast insulation, binder for laminated plastics, coatings, casting and impregnating compounds, in shipbuilding, waterproofing, as well as for making dies, tools for casting models, etc.

Epoxy resins are compounds obtained mainly by the polycondensation reaction of epichlorohydrin with polyhydric phenols in an alkaline medium. Diphenylolpropane (diane) is most often used of phenols.
Depending on the ratio of the starting products, the epoxy resins have a different molecular weight and therefore are in the solid or liquid state.

Due to the presence of epoxy groups, they are capable of curing. Because of curing, epoxy resins are converted into a solid, non-melting and insoluble state.

Curing of epoxy resins is carried out by various chemical compounds. The chemical composition of hardeners determines the mechanical strength, stability of dielectric properties, curing speed, etc.



The company "Khimlex" also offers you hardeners for epoxy resin, fiberglass and glass mats of various densities..


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