Epoxy and polyester resins

Auxiliary materials for epoxy and polyester resins


The company "Khimlex" offers for implementation a hardener for epoxy resins - polyethylene polyamine (PEPA), curing which occurs faster than similar means and does not require heating.

The hardener PEPA - is a mixture of amines of different molecular weights. Explosive, difficult to ignite, readily soluble in water and alcohol, absorbs moisture and CO2 from the air, has a specific smell.


The introduction to the resins as they harden of the plasticizers increases elasticity, improves strength properties and frost resistance. The company "Khimlex" proposes the implementation of a plasticizer - dibutylphthalate and its analogue epoxyether..


The plasticizer is used to modify the properties of polymers, giving them elasticity, frost resistance, reducing the processing temperature in products. It is used in the production of rubber, cable plastic, artificial leather, film material, linoleum, artificial resins, varnishes, ethers, cellulose, etc. The plasticizers have low viscosity and good dissolving power.


Also the company "Khimlex" offers you various hardeners for polyester resins.

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