Epoxy and polyester resins

Epoxy and polyester resins

Epoxy resins

The company "Khimlex" offers for realization the epoxy resins (analogue of epoxy resin of ED-20 brand produced in Russia). Analogues of this resin from world producers exceed it in terms of the content of epichlorohydrin, chloride ions and the price-quality ratio.

Polyester resins

Company "Khimlex" offers for realization the polyester resins (analogue of polyester resin PN-1).

Polyester resins are excellent construction materials with high strength, hardness, wear resistance, excellent dielectric properties, high chemical resistance, and environmental safety during operation.

Auxiliary materials for epoxy and polyester resins

The company "Khimlex" offers for implementation a hardener for epoxy resins - polyethylene polyamine (PEPA), curing which occurs faster than similar means and does not require heating.